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Remember when the front page of LJ used to look like this???

Then welcome to Old Skool LJ!

This is a community for those of us who have been around LJ for a looooooong time!

This community was created by nbbmom. It is maintained by nbbmom and lakme who was kind enough to step in and help.

To join this community, you must:

* Have a user number that is 50,000 or lower.

If you don't have a user number of 50,000 or lower on your current LJ, you can still join this community but only if....

* You were in attendance at the LJ LA Bash in 2002.


* You have a community member "vouch" for you that you are an Old Skool LJer but lost your under 50,000 user number due to the need to switch journals.

If your user number is higher than 50,000, go to this post and leave comment on how you meet one of the above two criteria. All attempts will be made to respond to requests in a timely manner.

This community started from a smartass remark I made in my own personal journal that seemed to grow legs. I'm not sure exactly what I hope to achieve with this community at this point other than unite a bunch of us who have seen Livejournal grow tremendously from this great little community it once was. So far it seems like most of us are just tickled to be crossing paths with LJ friends from the past or ones that we used to see in other peoples' journals years ago. It's been a nice memory walk so far! :) Where it goes from there is up to everyone who's a member I suppose.

Since we've all been around for a long time, we've hopefully all outgrown the drama that can swirl around LJ. Please please please leave the drama out of this community. OUR LJ community...OURS!! But that being said, please be aware that your moderator has the right to deny anyone membership at their discretion at any time and without explanation.